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Dear Customer,

It's a great honor for me to have you as a guest in my "world "... Welcome

My Art Works are the outcome of countless hours of contemplation and creation based on my deep affection for Fine Art and for people.

 I was borne in the Spring of 1960 my dear husnand and I have 3 adorable children. A son and 2 daughters. As a painter and designer I do art for more then 30 year and I established my studio together with my husband, in 1996. Since then I have been creating my large collection of Victorian & Classic Romanic designs with great love.

When I was a little girl I used to imagine that I was alive in the Victorian ages, wearing Crinolines dresses and beautiful  jewelry and dancing in the large splendor decorated halls of those times. By creating my Art, my dreams come true.

All my designs are hand made and hand decorated, using the best quality materials and Fang Chui spirit with perfect finishing touches.

I wish you all have a great joy with my art works and wish you could feel the great love I have devoted into them.

 Sincerely yours      Michal David      
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About the artist

About the artist