Along all human history, Jewelry was always "woman best friend". Women were always very proud in their splendor Jewelry boxes and use to place them in the highlight of their bedrooms.
As a woman Michal David feels much compassion to her species and history and designed Jewelry Boxes in various sizes and shapes in the romantic and Victorian style the she's so familiar with. Most of the jewelry boxes are made of wood and some are made of pounded marble moldings topped with peaceful romantic jeweled pictures and surrounded with artistic hand work ornaments and colorful Crystal stones. Every Jewelry box is piece of art signed by Michal and has a certificate of originality inside.
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Romantic design jewelry box B5
Lovers - Romantic design jewelry box
Victorian ladys jewelry box N2
Victorian design jewelry box H4
Lady and roses Romantic style jewelry box
Romantic Roses Jewelry Box O24
Shabby chic Roses - jewelry box R4
Victorian Treasure jewelry box TJB2
Treasures jewelry box with angles TJB3
Mini treasure jewelry boxes

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